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Chetan Vithlani is a Cyber, Cloud and Information Security leader with over two decades of global experience across multiple domains. His academic background is Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and he is Oracle Certified Real Application Cluster (RAC) as well as Database 12c Implementation Specialist. He works with Oracle as Principal SC – SCC Solutions – InfoSec. He is a solution architect for Europe, APAC, Middle East and South Africa regions focusing on Enterprise Security solutions for cloud as well as on premise. He is founding and Core team member of AIOUG Bangalore chapter. Chetan has delivered 30+ technical sessions (live as well as webinar) for Oracle User Group as well as Oracle events including Oracle Open World. Moreover he delivered 70+ customer facing presentation on numerous topics. He is YouTube Creator and active blogger.

Paper Title and Abstract

Cyber security monitoring with Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) and Demo

Stream: DBA

What’re Oracle Management Cloud Security Modules? With advent of big data technology it’s now possible to identify zero day modern cyber-attacks as well as internal threats using machine learning. Oracle Management Cloud security modules, Security Monitoring Analytics as well as Configuration and Compliance are Unified, Heterogeneous and protect IT assets across leading cloud providers as well as on-premise Introducing OMC Security modules: Oracle Management Cloud represents a new generation of systems management designed for today’s IT organizations. Delivering on Oracle’s vision of providing a complete set of cloud-based systems management services for maintaining heterogeneous environments with minimal setup time. Oracle Management Cloud includes intuitive built-in dashboards that provide instant insights about your applications. The monitoring, management, and analytics included within Oracle Management Cloud leverage machine learning, anomaly detection, and big data techniques against the full breadth of the operational data set—in the process overcoming limitations imposed by earlier-generation management tools. OMC Security Monitoring Analytics as well as Configuration and Compliance modules incorporate SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) services for end-to-end SOC (Security Operations Center) to identify security challenges in real time.

Pre-requisites: Just an interest in the topic.