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Barbara worked as an Infrastructure architect for the last four and a half years, and with 16 years’ experience with Infrastructure including Oracle databases/storage/OS/network and programming. She has been involved in creating solution with OS, middleware and database products for client applications. Such solutions include infrastructure application migrations, integrations solutions between environments onshore and offshore, cloud solutions, security access framework solutions and performance assessment. Barbara has experience with designing automation of infrastructure builds. She also vast experience with database migrations, in-place OS and database upgrades and hardware refreshes. She also is experienced with design storage replication solutions and archiving. Barbara has presented papers on Oracle as a Service on IBM Cloud, Database Security, Database Tuning, Oracle 11g new features.

Paper Title and Abstract

Creating Database Copies using Actifio Smart Snapshot technology

Stream: DBA:DEV

Rapid data copies of production data into test environments has been a long term ongoing requirement. Many DBAs use the existing database tools to perform this operation. With databases storage capacity growing, this activity takes longer. Using this solution, database replication from production to test environment or from test to other test environments can leverage the Actifio product technology which is well integrated with the existing storage and database technologies and presents database copies using minimal storage footprint for test environment within seconds. This presentation will walk you through a deployment of this product into one a large financial institution client for Oracle and SQL server data sources.

Pre-requisites: Just an interest in the topic.