Why Partner with AUSOUG and the APOUG?

The AUSOUG - APOUG communities are globally recognised as professionally coordinated voices, and contributors in the pursuit of practical implementation, and management experience surrounding the adoption of Oracle's products and technologies. With a reach of over 5,500 Oracle practitioners, we are well positioned to continue providing the best resources to these professionals.

As the largest Oracle User Group in the APAC region, we invite you to partner with us.

The AUSOUG - APOUG Partner Care Program is recognised for providing exceptional value in gaining unified access to the entire regional AUSOUG, OAUG,ODTUG, and IOUG community, and its associated network throughout the Regionincluding Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan* and India*.
*In conjunction with OAUG


Summary of Partner Benefits

  • Guaranteed exposure to the entire AUSOUG/OAUG/IOUG/ODTUG community and network in Australia or the Asia Pacific Regions for a full 12 months.
  • Provides ability to budget on a National, International or Regional level, whilst enjoying extended value at packaged rate.
  • National, International or Regional exposure reinforcing your support of Asia’s Oracle industry via a comprehensive and coordinated events, publications, media and public relations campaigns.
  • Easier management and administration of partnership value by using a streamlined approach across a proven framework.
  • Pride-of-place and visibility within the Oracle-related community, only available by being one of an exclusive group of AUSOUG-APOUG Partners.
  • Preferential opportunities for presentations, publications advertising and editorial, hands-on technical sessions and demonstrations, etc; to an audience that includes beginners through to advanced practitioners.  Audiences include DBAs, Developers, decision-makers, business leaders and Applications users.
  • Inclusive of AUSOUG-APOUG publications advertising and Web logo placement.
  • Inclusion of product, service and events announcements through AUSOUG’s official electronic newsletters distributed monthly at a National, International or Regional level.
  • Inclusive of corporate membership to AUSOUG and conditionally the OAUG for staff.
  • Inclusive of Reference group and vendor awareness sessions.
  • Inclusive of 12 month marketing plan.

AUSOUG-APOUG Partnership is a cost effective method of reaching a target audience throughout the year.

AUSOUG-APOUG Partners enjoy access to a yearlong schedule of events, functions and publications.

Conference Specific Sponsorship and Exhibitor Engagement Opportunities:

The AUSOUG Connect 2018 Conference Series being held in Perth (19 November) and Melbourne (21 November); offers engagement opportunities specific to the conference series to vendors and other Oracle service providers.  Get in quick while these opportunities last.

To discuss these opportunities:

Please contact the conferencemanager@ausoug.org.au as soon as possible to secure your level.and commence your engagement with thousands of Oracle users.

P.O. Box 1007
Huntingdale Vic 3168
Ph: (Int +61-4) (Aus 04) 0171 7257


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