Tim Hall
Paper Title and Abstract

ACE Masterclass
Part 1: Intensive Training Workshop: PL/SQL : Stop Making The Same Performance Mistakes
Part 2: ACE Masterclass: Improving the Performance of PL/SQL Function Calls from SQL

Stream: DEV

Part 1: PL/SQL is great, but like any programming language it is capable of being misused. Rather than listing a bunch of "best practices", this presentation highlights the common mistakes made when developing in PL/SQL, turning what should be an elegant solution into a resource hog. With live demonstrations, this presentation will help you get the best performance from your PL/SQL.

Part 2: Oracle 11g introduced some new performance features related to caching data, but using caching to improve SQL and PL/SQL performance is nothing new. This presentation demonstrates a number of techniques to optimize performance of SQL statements that contain PL/SQL calls.

Speaker Details

Tim Hall is an Oracle DBA/Developer and well known Oracle blogger at http://www.oracle-base.com. If that isn't enough, he's written two books and over 500 articles, is an Oracle ACE Director, OakTable member and has presented at numerous user groups and conferences worldwide, as well as a series of 2-day presentations as part of the "Oracle University Celebrity Series"