Jeff Kemp
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Building Maintainable Applications in Apex

Stream: DEV

Does your Apex application issue DML directly on the base tables in your model? That's ok - there are some good reasons for this - but there are also a number of good reasons to consider an alternative.
Should you use a Table API (TAPI)? Or should you use a Transaction API (XAPI)? How about both? What are the pros and cons of these approaches? What is considered "Best Practice", and how well does it really work in an Apex environment?
In this talk Jeffrey will discuss a practical approach to architecting an Apex application, based on a real-world example from an application recently built for a large WA government department.

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Jeffrey Kemp has been using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL since 2000, and has been publishing at since 2005. He is passionate about Oracle database development, Oracle Apex, and Iced Coffee.