What is a Reference Group?

A Reference Group is clearly defined community of members with a common interest in a specific area such as Oracle technologies, applications, infrastructure or services and so on.

A Reference Group’s function is to assemble and deliver regular events on specific areas of interest.  To accomplish this, Reference Groups comprise a Chair and members who share a common interest and detailed knowledge of a specific area.  The model focuses on people’s strengths, aligning members with specialist knowledge, contacts and interests to map out and subsequently deliver programs of events that are current, of high value and topical within the special interest area.  

Reference groups will assemble and deliver a balanced program of events.  The coordinating committees are to ensure that they have activities and events that service the differing skill levels of the organisations membership, such as basic, intermediate and advanced levels. They will not focus on a single high end experienced communities interests only.  The balance is intended to add value to all members without prejudice.

What is it that makes Reference Groups valuable to the Oracle User Groups’s membership and partners?

Having a knowledgeable group of like minded professionals develop, select and deliver structured programs of targeted content within an area of specific interest to one of the groups many communities will firstly ensure a higher level of applicability in topics delivered, greater currency and ultimately higher value services for members. 

The modes of delivery enhance the consistency of services for these communities in a way no single Regional Committee or National series can achieve.  By delivering two events per year per State or region in a specific interest area,  communities will be provided with an opportunity to participate in at least one event per month, rather than two a year under the current model, yet at a region level little changes as the events previously provisioned continue with many times the audience through the on line broadcasting or replay of recorded sessions.

For AUSOUG partners, the reach in a single event has grown from a single Region’s audience to the entire Asia Pacific community, with no additional cost.

How are Reference Group events promoted?

All events will be published in the AUSOUG calendar of events

Members will be pre-registered in reference groups, with an option to be removed from a group’s promotions.  The existing Email promotions and eBulletins will highlight programs and events to the entire membership on a monthly basis. 

Email notifications containing access to these sessions, their blogs, recording, reminders etc will be distributed to registered participants and tracked to better understand the uptake and use of these extended delivery options.

How do I pre-register for a specific Reference Group?

Simply click on PRE-REGISTER ME NOW

Following is a list of current Reference Groups that you can join now.  Please click on the Reference Group name to find out more.

How are Reference Group events delivered?

Reference group sessions are delivered through a combination of face-to-face meetings, two per year per State or Region, on line broadcasts of the face-to-face meetings and via recordings of these events. 

Reference Groups or the presenters themselves have the option to deliver fully on line or only in a room at a training event or conference, with one provision - that the event is recorded for other member’s information at a late date. 

Presenters will be required to agree to provide answers to question raised by members for a period of 4 – 6 week following an event, within a reasonable time frame.