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Automating E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Patching and Cloning using Linux Script

Stream: DBA / Technology

I have fully automated the below two processes by writing a unix script without using any application or tool . 1> Applying E-Business Suite R12.1.3 patches ? This script download the provided list of patches ? Shuts down the multiple application servers ? Apply single or multiple patches ? Verify the applied patches ? Starts up application on single or multiple application servers ? Since this is fully automated process so we are scheduling overnight and our patches are being applied on DEV/TEST environments without application during day time. 2> Cloning E-Business Suire R12.1.3 without DBA manual efforts ? This script shuts down the application on multiple application servers ? Rsync application bineries from production to dev/test ? Duplicate Active Database from RAC Source to RAC Destination (Target being refreshed) ? Executes Applications Cloning Procedures and some BAE Systems customization scripts like change of site name, java color, cancelling some concurrent jobs and scheduling some new purging concurrent programs, updates some system profiles etc ? Runs Autoconfig on DB Tier ? Runs adcfgclone on all application Tiers ? Changes Application Passwords for all schemas and sysadmin ? Runs Autoconfig on all application Tiers ? Starts the application on all servers. ? This script can be scheduled overnight and it clones multiple DEV/TEST env of 1.3 TB during 4-5 hours overnight without any DBA efforts and outages during day time Will it be good idea to present this in the conference so that other organizations may also benefit from it. It has reduced significant amount of manual efforts of Apps DBA in my organization

Prerequisites: Oracle E-Business Suite Apps DBA

Presentation Objectives:  1- How to fully automate E-Business Suite 12.1.3 patching with custom Linux script which can be scheduled any time time to run and apply the patches without any manual effort of Apps DBA. 2- How to fully automate the cloning of E-Business Suite database and Application using custom Linux script without any manual effort of Apps DBA.

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Oracle Certified Developer from 2001 to 2005 (5 years ) Over 10 years of Oracle Apps DBA Experience (From 2006 to 2016). Working as Senior Oracle Apps DBA in BAE Systems Australia since April 2008.