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Oracle Big Data Strategy and Roadmap

Stream: APPS

There is no doubt - Big Data is already changing the game across many industries from Financial Services through to Manufacturing. However, even with proven success, the power of Big Data is still elusive to many organisations. When organisations have the potential to collect data, the power to find value through new discovery methods via sophisticated analytics is yet another barrier to success. Join us as we discuss real industry examples of how organisations are changing the game with Big Data. In this session you will learn from industry case studies, identify how you can harness Big Data to drive results for your business and review the latest technologies for predictive and advanced business analytics from Oracle.

Pre-requisites: None - this will be an introductory session.

Presentation Objectives:  Understand the implication of Big Data on business. Understand Oracle's Big Data Strategy. High level understanding of Oracle's Big Data products.

Speaker Details

I work with senior executives to help assess the implications of data driven disruptions on their businesses and develop the right strategies going forward. Most discussions focus on what's changing, how data can drive new business models, how to drive value out of data assets, the cultural challenges of data driven innovation, and where to start on a 2-5 year innovation strategy. I regularly present at Oracle and Industry events on the topic of Big Data.