Paper Title and Abstract

Get you own APEX server up and running in 30 Minutes

Stream: DBA/DEV

Setting up a database instance can be a daunting process. This talk will guide you to quickly setting up a database instance using Oracle's free database edition, Express Edition (XE), with very little effort. This is made possible with an open source project where a lot of the leg work has been done for you. Another common problem you may face with using the free tier of the Oracle Database, is that it makes it difficult to apply the APEX patch set. The patch set is offered through My Oracle Support, so unless you have paid Oracle support, you can only grab the full APEX release, and if you try and install without uninstalling APEX first, you will receive an error that the version is already installed. Here we will discuss a strategy on how to handle this situation.

Pre-requisites: This talk will be setting up Oracle on a Linux server, so basic knowledge of the command line will not hurt in order to follow along.

Presentation Objectives:  Viewers should come out with the knowledge on easily setting up an Oracle XE instance that they can run to develop on, or host their web apps in the cloud.

Speaker Details

Trent Schafer has been working with Application Express (APEX) and Database Technologies for just shy of a decade. He is actively contributing back to the APEX and wider Oracle community whether that be from answering questions on the APEX discussion boards; regularly blogging on various aspects of APEX and web related technologies; and contributing to a few open source projects. In 2015, he was one of the finalists for the Oracle developer choice awards.