Paper Title and Abstract

Transition to Cloud – What Commercial Solutions Are Out There?

Stream: APPS / GEN

With “Cloud” being the latest ICT buzz-word, it is easy to be so caught up in the hype that one jumps onto the bandwagon without even thinking. Industry reactions to this new paradigm range to “must-have” to “not-yet”. With the myriad of Cloud offerings available today, each packaged with its own matrix of costing and configuration options, it can be challenging task to decipher and compare one vendor’s offering with another’s. This paper demystifies some of these confusions by providing an overview of a number of major vendors’ Cloud offerings, including Oracle Cloud.

Pre-requisites: None

Presentation Objectives:  An overview of the current commercial Cloud solution offerings by major vendors.

Speaker Details

With 20 years’ of IT professional experience, Peter Seet possesses expertise in Business Intelligence, E-Business and Cloud Applications. Peter is knowledgeable in many commercial Cloud solutions and delivered advisory services in these services. In particular, as an Oracle technology specialist, Peter takes a keen interest in Oracle Cloud Technology.

An IT professional with 17 years’ experience, Gabriel Ilarda possesses skills across a wide range of tools and technologies. An Oracle BI Foundation Suite Certified Implementation Specialist, Gabriel has been heavily involved with E-Business and Business Intelligence; and has played a key role implementing standards and best practices in these areas for a number of Government departments.