Paper Title and Abstract

Mastering Dynamic Actions

Stream: DEV

Dynamic actions are arguably the most powerful feature in APEX, mitigating the need for developers to read/write copious amounts of benign JavaScript code. The author of the book 'Pro jQuery in APEX' will demonstrate how to make these actions even more effective by understanding the 'jQuery Selector' option, and what 'this.triggeringElement' is all about. This session will also introduce a few common design patterns to create flexible dynamic actions with minimal to no JavaScript, whilst providing end users with a more interactive experience.

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of Oracle APEX basics

Presentation Objectives:  1. Illustrate typical DA design patterns for typical behaviours 2. Demonstrate how jQuery selectors empower your development options 3. Discuss importance of understanding asynchronous behaviour in the web.

Speaker Details

Scott regularly presents on what he is passionate about, Oracle. This passion also comes through when he runs Oracle training courses around Australia & when he shares Oracle thoughts on his blog; He's even written a video course on APEX techniques; a book on jQuery in APEX; and in 2014 was acknowledged as an Oracle ACE. As an expert analyst programmer with experience in retail, construction, government, education and financial applications, Scott actively researches cutting edge technologies from the Oracle product range. After many years as an Oracle Forms developer, he now specialises in Application Express.