Paper Title and Abstract

Oracle EAM for Aircraft Maintenance

Stream: APPs

Recently we have implemented Oracle EAM to manage maintenance activities on Aircrafts used for Pilot Training. This implementation has tested the capabilities of Oracle EAM module to the fullest and by effectively working with Oracle during the implementation we have helped make Oracle EAM more mature for Aircraft Maintenance. Objective of this presentation is to share the sheer knowledge gathered during the implementation, so that others can be benefited from the lessons learnt around, Meter Management, PM scheduling, Supression rules, Project Integration, Maintenance Planning, Work Order Management etc.

Pre-requisitesBasic functional/business knowledge of maintenance process. 

Presentation Objectives:  Demonstrate the capability of Oracle EAM in the aircraft maintenance area by exploring all key maintenance aspects. - Share the lessons learnt, i.e. what went well and what we could do better, so that others can learn from our mistakes. - Discuss how Agile Scrum methodology was used in this implementation to deliver this project in a quicker timeframe.

Speaker Details

Pranit is an ERP SCM Specialist having 14 years of diversified experience in the Procurement, Logistics, Manufacturing and Maintenance space. He has achieved the "Master" status in the and is the author of the book "Oracle Magic with Forms Personalizations". Pranit is passionate about lean and green supply chain and actively promoting the same in the current workplace.

Nick is an Oracle EAM expert and played a pivotal role to successfully implement Oracle EAM for Aircraft Maintenance in BAE Systems Australia. He has a strong business acumen and actively engaging with Oracle to improve the EAM product further.