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Building Complex Environments in Oracle VirtualBox

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Oracle VM Server for x86 is Oracle's free server virtualization and management  solution that makes enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and  support. However, getting together the hardware to build an environment that provides support for all the features of this product is not always easy. Taking advantage of the power of current desktop or laptop computers and Oracle VM VirtualBox software, this presentation will discuss building a complete Oracle VM Server for x86 environment 'in software', including a demonstration of OVM Server cluster, and a highly resilient, low cost file server cluster.

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Phillip Brown is a Senior Consultant in the Victorian Middleware, Technology and Infrastructure Services Practice of UXC Red Rock Consulting. Phillip has been in the IT industry for 32 years, with over 20 years’ experience with Oracle products (including 16 years with Oracle Corporation), and has been designing and implementing solutions for customers in many different industry sectors.   Phillip has been at UXC Red Rock Consulting for almost 7 years and has interests in all the Oracle 'Red Stack' and associated technology.