Paper Title and Abstract

Modernise and Mobilise Your Oracle Forms

Stream: DEV

There are thousands of Oracle Forms applications out there, providing core business functionality, but with an interface that just does not provide what we need in today’s mobile world. So what if we could keep all that business functionality and provide a new mobile interface! – Enter AuraPlayer, a solution that allows you to access existing Forms functionality via a Web Service from your user interface of choice. This presentation will start by looking at the new features in Oracle Forms 12c, and particularly the new deployment options. It will then cover the generation of AuraPlayer Web Services and how they can be used in a new interface including Apex and Oracle’s mobile technologies.

Pre-requisites: None

Presentation Objectives:  Where Forms is going now, support into the future and new features in version 12c. Technical information on how AuraPlayer is used to generate Web Services from Oracle Forms functionality. How you can use the Web Services generated by AuraPlayer to surface your Oracle Forms functionality in a new interface, including Apex and Oracle’s mobile technologies.

Speaker Details

Penny Cookson has over twenty five years’ experience of working with Oracle products. Penny is the Managing Director for SAGE Computing Services, which provides consulting and training in the Oracle database and development tools throughout Australia. She was Oracle Magazine’s Educator of the Year in 2004 and is an Oracle ACE.