Paper Title and Abstract

Oracle 12c Release 2, Creating Agile Cloud Database Services.

Stream: DBA

Oracle 12c Release 2 delivers the enhancements required for public and private cloud database services. Live migrations between container databases, private and publicly provisioned database clouds and real time live cloning unlock oracle’s database as a true cloud based service. In this, the second of two sessions, we will explore the new features and capabilities delivered in with live demonstrations of these new features.  We will discuss the new PDB-Proxy services and how these are used to seamlessly transition connections from a PDB located on premise to the cloud.

This session, delivered by Martin Power, an Oracle ACE and Beta Test Program member for the 12c Release 2 database, will discuss the architecture of 12c R2, its new challenges and the points that need to be considered when adopting to its new features and Oracle’s Database as a Service Cloud. We will focus on optimizing the value of 12c Release 2 and Oracle’s Cloud through consolidation strategies that predictably deliver reliable outcomes that better current system performance.

Pre-requisites: DBA

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Speaker Details

Martin is an Oracle ACE and President of AUSOUG.  He has worked with Oracle Database since 1982 (version 4.1.4) covering all releases across this period.

Martin has been recognised as a key service provider in the educational sector and an Australian leader in the early successful deployment of Oracle 10g and Rac. Oracle engaged Martin in 2005 and 2006 to speak on Oracle technology and implementation at international and national forums and conferences. Martin not only understands Oracle products, services and solutions (including eBusiness suite), but he is also technically very experienced in systems integration and the practical design and delivery of hardware and Oracle-based software system solutions.

Martin continues to serve as President of the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG). He has represented this body in international and national events and in discussions with Oracle Corporation in the United States.