Paper Title and Abstract

Evolving APEX Development Practices

Stream: DEV

Are you doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Oracle APEX has rapidly evolved in recent years from a simple tool to a modern, powerful and intuitive design product capable of building data-driven web application that range from small opportunistic solutions to enterprise-wide mission critical systems. At the same time Oracle continues to add new features into each database release, and web development in general is rapidly evolving in development practices, methodologies, technologies and frameworks. So are your development practices evolving also? This presentation examines some of the new functionality available, design and development trends, and how you can use them in your Oracle APEX applications. Interaction in this presentation is encouraged, so bring your ideas and opinions along and don't be shy in speaking up if you disagree with some of the presenters opinionated views.

Pre-requisites: An interest in database development and Oracle APEX.

Presentation Objectives:  Inform about new features and functionality. Discuss changing development practices. Generate audience discussion.

Speaker Details

Mark Lancaster is an Oracle ACE, an author on Oracle APEX, and has been has been delivering business solutions using Oracle tools and technology for over 20 years. He works as an independent consultant providing solution architecture, development, and consulting specifically for the Oracle Application Express product.