Paper Title and Abstract

APEX, RESTful Services and STRIPE

Stream: DEV

Very often we are asked to implement payment systems for different clients and along side all wishful requirement of such system among first ones the is ability to incorporate it with APEX as technology. Recently I started working on payment implementation and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences gained with Stripe on a real world example. In this session general overview of restful services in APEX will be shown. Then quick intro into what STRIPE is before going into simple demo implementation and APEX application examples. Agenda: What are restful Services? How to create and use such services? When to use them? What is Stripe and how it works? Demo example and useful APIs in APEX application

Pre-requisites: Basic APEX experience and knowledge

Presentation Objectives:  Learn what restful services are? How to use them? Learn how to approach payment implementation with STRIPE

Speaker Details

With over 10 years experience working with Oracle tools Lino started hIs his ventures with APEX 3.1 version back in 2008 and ever since specializes in the Oracle APEX as technology. In early 2015 became a freelance APEX consultant. He worked in US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia for clients from all sectors. Working along side APEX RnD founder Dimitri Gielis, who is very well known and respected in the APEX Community as ACE Director, is his biggest motivator. Lino is an active contributor to APEX community as APEX blogger and trainer.