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SQL Developer for PL/SQL Developers

Stream: DEV

Oracle's SQL Developer has become a mature IDE for serious PL/SQL developers. This talk will show off some of the author's favourite features of the product that make him productive in his day-to-day work. Perhaps you're already familiar with these features; you may find there are one or two things you hadn't tried yet.

Pre-requisites: Knows what PL/SQL is

Presentation Objectives:  Show off at least a dozen (or so) features that are important for PL/SQL developers - Encourage developers to try SQL Developer and add it to their toolbelt - Encourage developers to hone their skills on the toolset they use

Speaker Details

Jeffrey Kemp has been developing on Oracle technologies since 2000, and has been publishing at since 2005. He is passionate about Oracle database development, Oracle Apex, and Iced Coffee.