Paper Title and Abstract

Towards a Standard TAPI

Stream: DEV

Are you a PL/SQL Developer? Have you heard about Table APIs (TAPI) and perhaps tried them once or twice? Think they might be a good idea, but not sure? Curious about what some developers are doing with TAPIs? Then this is the session you must not miss. Find out the current state of play for TAPIs in the real world. Discover an ongoing open source initiative to bring some standardisation to this important tool. Consider becoming part of the TAPI ecosystem and helping us bootstrap Oracle PL/SQL development to the next level of productivity. If you're lucky we might mention "Cloud", "Big Data" or "Apex 5.1" at some point.

Pre-requisites: Familiarity with PL/SQL

Presentation Objectives:  Report on the current state of play for TAPIs within the Oracle PL/SQL world, including Apex

Speaker Details

Jeffrey Kemp has been developing on Oracle technologies since 2000, and has been publishing at since 2005. He is passionate about Oracle database development, Oracle Apex, and Iced Coffee.