Paper Title and Abstract

Next Generation Databases  

Stream: DBA

Over the past ten years the data revolution has been accompanied by a revolution in database systems. The one size fits all RDBMS has given way to a plethora of diverse data management technologies. This talk will survey these new database technologies, consider their utility in leveraging existing data assets and speculate on how these will evolve to meet tomorrows data needs. We’ll conclude with a review of how these trends influence Oracle’s data management platform.

Pre-requisites:  Basic familiarity with Databse technology

Presentation Objectives:  • Introduces the new technologies that have revolutionized the database landscape • Describes how each technology can be used to solve specific application or business challenges • Reviews the most popular new wave databases and how they use these new database technologies * Describes the features in Oracle technology that have emerged in response to these new database technologies.

Speaker Details

Guy Harrison is a software professional with more than 20 year’s experience in database design, development, administration, and optimization. He is the author of Next Generation Databases, Oracle Performance Survival Guide and MySQL Stored Procedure Programming as well as well as other books, articles and presentations on database technology. He writes a monthly column for Database Trends and Applications and is an Oracle ACE and a MongoDB certified DBA. Guy can can be found on the internet at, on email at and is @guyharrison on Twitter. Guy is a partner at Toba Capital and can be reached there at