Paper Title and Abstract

Oracle Partitioning - Then and Now

Stream: DBA / DEV

Oracle Partitioning enhances database manageability, performance, and availability for a wide variety of applications. This presentation focuses on how Oracle Partitioning has evolved from when it was first introduced in Oracle version 8 in 1997 until the most current Oracle 12c version. The session will cover all the different partitioning methods and techniques like Range, List, Hash, Interval and Reference partitioning as well as discuss new partitioned indexing options and Global Index maintenance enhancements introduced in Oracle 12c.

Pre-requisites: Intermediate DBA or Developer

Presentation Objectives:  Learn 12c new features related to Oracle Partitioning See how partitioning has evolved since introduction in Oracle 8 Real world examples

Speaker Details

Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master 10g,11g and 12c with 20 years industry experience.