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Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Stream: FMW

In the past there used to be a tradeoff between speed or and security. If organisations wanted to increase security it would mean a decrease in the speed at which they could move the organisation. However in the digital world Lines of business are expecting both agility and speed. We are seeing lines of business are out acquiring technology on their own, outside of IT’s ownership. This can be a risk to both security as well as cost and complexity. Similarly, customers expect increased security without disrupting the user experience. Oracle’s vision is for Identity and Access Management solutions is to be an enabler for digital business. With Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), organisations no longer have to make a tradeoff. Oracle Identity Cloud Service can provide the agility to move fast, and still maintain the layers of defence: BUT these layers will allow appropriate controls for appropriate risk. This will help Identity and Security professionals focus on enablement and improved user experience with an attitude towards trust but verify. In the end Identity is a security solution and needs to continue to focus on safety and security. Following the latest protocols and standards, rigorous testing and validation are a must, but in addition identity needs to be a connected part of a security fabric for your organisation, not an island unto its own with the goal of an overall reduced risk profile.

Pre-requisites: Business and Security focussed audience looking at quicker go to market without tradeoff between speed or and security.

Presentation Objectives:   Introduce the new Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) - How security can be enabler of the digital business - How IDCS can help organisations with speed and agility while still ensuring security

Speaker Details

Gagan has been working in the Identity and Access Management space for the last 15 years. He has successfully implemented various IDM Projects. He has been with Oracle for 5+ years as a Principal Sales Consultant focussing on Government, FSI, Education sector. Recently he has taken over the Role of Security Sales Specialist focussing on newly released Oracle Identity Cloud Service.