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Enhance your desktop integration solution for management of specialised data

Stream: APPS / DBA / DEV

How often do you wish that you could bridge the gap between those who understand the data and those who understand the language/ syntax to maintain it? Often, business users modify their data on excel spreadsheets and then wish they could load it directly into the forms only to be reminded again that it needs complex programming and understanding of Oracle API’s. In some cases, Web ADI can help but when it comes to enabling mass loading through API’s, end-user friendly forms complete with List of Values and validation, a development platform is called for. In this session we discuss an alternative solution to using Web ADI and how this was used. Sonus Networks (an international networking & communications company) were faced with updating huge volumes of specialised data. Their Install Base Application data needed to reflect the right customer location, Owner, Install Date against Item Instances to ensure accurate information for a core business deliverable. Oracle Web ADI had served as their basic Excel-EBS integrator but they were looking for more flexibility. A sophisticated excel-based development platform was chosen. They were able to utilize native Oracle Install Base API’s and set up several functions to create and maintain item instances or configurations. The complex world of API’s unfolded into simple to use Excel templates, user-friendly forms with lists of values; and all configured without actually coding. Sonus has achieved even more efficiency and flexibility in their specialised data loading.

Pre-requisites: This presentation is suitable for all knowledge and backgrounds in Oracle.

Presentation Objectives:  1. Learn about a novel way of optimising excel integration with Oracle E-Business Suite. 2. See that specialised data processing can also be made more efficient. 3. Introduction to an alternative to custom development with M4A's new development tool.

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