Paper Title and Abstract

DataGrip: Your Swiss Army Knife for Databases and SQL

Stream: DEV

Established in 2001, JetBrains develops some of the best IDEs around, featuring powerful refactoring, prophetic autocomplete, and huge amounts of time-saving features. This year they released DataGrip, a database IDE. Though while IDEs for languages like Java, Python, and C++ are one thing, tools for SQL and database support are quite different. Do JetBrains have the knowledge and experience to create a great database tool, and how does it stack up against existing tools like SQL Developer and Toad? A key feature of DataGrip is the offline synchronisation of database schemas. The IDE will cache the entire schema, ensuring features like autocomplete, code analysis and refactoring are lightning fast. Popular features from their other IDEs such as a smart text editor and customisable themes also appear in DataGrip, so working on the most trivial to the most complex SQL is quicker and easier. However, the tool is missing some key features that a user must be aware of before trying it.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of SQL and relational databases

Presentation Objectives:  Create awareness of DataGrip as a new database IDE Compare and contrast several popular database IDEs Explore what features are necessary for a great database IDE

Speaker Details

David has been employed at Edith Cowan University since 2011, using and supporting Oracle products and technologies throughout that time, prominently Oracle databases, ADF faces, and JSP applications. David is always searching of ways to work smarter, not harder; leading his team adopt systems such as build servers, as well as better tools for building and developing applications.