Paper Title and Abstract

Oracle on Amazon Web Services

Stream: DBA

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers customers a number of solutions for migrating and deploying their applications on the AWS cloud. This session will cover how you can deploy Oracle Database to either EC2 virtual machines or the managed database service, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle Database. We will also have a local partner talk about how they have successfully deployed customer applications built on Oracle Database to AWS.

1.       Introduction to AWS
2.       EC2: Best Practices for Oracle Database on AWS
3.       Introduction to RDS
4.       RDS Oracle: Deployment, Scaling, Storage, HA/DR, Security, Backup and Recovery
5.       Licensing Options
6.       Customer Success Stories

Pre-requisites: nil

Presentation Objectives:  Attendees will leave knowing the options and benefits they have to deploy applications using Oracle Database on AWS, whether on virtual machines (EC2) or using a managed database service (RDS).

Speaker Details

Blair Layton, Business Development Manager – Database Services, APAC, Amazon Web Services

Blair Layton is a business development manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is responsible for helping customers adopt the AWS platform across Asia Pacific, allowing them to save money, accelerate their time to market, and focus on their core business. He also listens to customer requirements, consolidating the feedback to the product teams to ensure development roadmaps are customer focused. Blair is a database specialist beginning his career as a research assistant at the University of Queensland on a research project for Oracle Corporation. Subsequently, Blair joined Oracle for 13 years, performing various roles across Australia, Europe and Asia. He is based in Singapore where he has been living for over 10 years. Blair earned his Bachelor's degree in information technology from the University of Queensland, Australia.