Paper Title and Abstract

Bringing Oracle Database Development into your Continuous Integration Processes

Stream: DBA / DEV

With business driving the increasing adoption by IT of agile methodologies such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, the need for agile database tooling has become even more important. In many companies, the database development lifecycle has become the bottleneck in an otherwise agile delivery process. As such, database professionals are under increasing pressure to shorten delivery timelines even further, only increasing the stakes within an already high-stress, risk-averse environment. With little room for error in an environment where downtime can cost millions of dollars, the need for an agile database deployment process that can simultaneously reduce risk and deliver consistently reliable results is more important than ever. Based on actual customer use cases, this session will cover the following challenges using live product presentations to illustrate an effective solution.

Pre-requisites: Basic development lifecycles Basic understanding of Oracle databases

Presentation Objectives:  1. Identify shortcomings of traditional "waterfall" methods in this evolving world 2. Showing how it's possible to automate the database development process, including code review & unit testing 3. Show how it's possible to automate the reporting around code quality and ongoing improvement.

Speaker Details

Alfred Lang is a systems consultant for Dell Software, with 20 years of IT experience, specializing in databases and applications. He has been with Dell Software (formerly Quest Software) since 1999 and worked on the development teams for many Dell Software products, including SQL Navigator, Spotlight on Oracle and Spotlight on Oracle RAC as a QA analyst and DBA.