...at the AUSOUG Connect 2016 Conferences in Perth and Melbourne

Product and service vendors are offered a range of excellent engagement opportunities with AUSOUG for its annual program of events and services. The AUSOUG Partner Care Program is recognised for providing exceptional value in gaining unified access to the entire national AUSOUG community and its associated network throughout the Region. 

This document services specifically the engagement opportunities of sponsors and exhibitors of the AUSOUG Connect 2106 Conferences on the West and East Coast.


Opportunities are available from both the West and East Coast conferences with an anticipated reach of more than 4,000 people on the AUSOUG databases. These can include:


The trade exhibition in both Perth and Melbourne conferences, is specifically for those vendors interested in marketing their products and services directly to the Australian Oracle community.

The exhibition area is central to each conference and will be used for activities including:
Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and on conclusion of the first day, the Welcome Reception. All exhibitors will be afforded maximum exposure to delegates through these daily breaks in their 3m x 2m booths. But you need to book early as booth space is limited.

►  Conference Sponsor & Exhibitor Engagement Activities

Note: All investment amounts include 10% Australian GST

Engagement Opportunity Investment West Coast Investment East Coast
Exhibitor one booth, one conference $3,000.00  $3,000.00
*Exhibitor one booth, two conferences $2,500.00 each $2,500.00 each
Networking Function / Welcome Reception Sponsor $1,500.00 each $1,500.00 each
**Conference Satchel Sponsor

$2,200.00 Exhibitor

$3,00.00 Non Exhibitor

Conference Satchel insert $250.00 per item $250.00 per item
**Lanyard Sponsor $550.00
Water Bottle - branded

$550.00 Exhibitor

$850.00 Non Exhibitor

$550.00 Exhibitor

$850.00 Non Exhibitor

Webinar Sponsor $750.00 per session $750.00 per session
Conference Dinner Sponsor N / A $1,500.00
*If you would like more than 1 booth at either or both conference please contact conferencemanager@ausoug.org.au
**Restricted to one sponsor.

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DisclaimerAUSOUG expects professional duty and care of all parties attending the conferences and reserves the right to cancel and refuse entry and participation of any attendee or organization.