How to join AUSOUG

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To join, use this Membership form, the form contained in the AUSOUG brochure, or contact us directly at Membership Services and we will provide all the information you need to process your membership.


Membership Dues (AUD$)

Membership rates are for 12 months and include GST.

Ideal for companies/individuals with a small number of contacts.

CORPORATE $749.00 ( up to 5 representatives) then $150 per extra representative.
STUDENT $65.00
INTERNATIONAL $219.00 per person

Ideal for companies with a large number of contacts.

CORPORATE UNLIMITED $1,499.00 (with unlimited contacts)

Renew my membership

Payment of membership renewals can be made by the following options:

Pay online by clicking on the Renew Your Membership Now button.



Existing members can get information on the status of their membership and make changes to their member profile by clicking on 'Sign I'n (at top of page).  You will need your membership number and the password.  If you cannot remember your password click on 'Forgotten Password'.  Once you sign in you will be able to edit your profile.

Membership benefits

The Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) is a nationally coordinated, professional body that provides networking opportunities, information forums, knowledge resources, web services and other services to its Members. AUSOUG's membership is focused on the Technologies, Applications, Strategies and Business of Oracle Corporation and its products, along with associated third party vendors and industry.

As a member of AUSOUG you also have reciprocal rights with the UKOUG.

Our members enjoy a comprehensive range of exclusive information, training, industry updates services, web services and networking opportunities within an independent professional body that is part of an international network. In an industry where the practitioner is consistently inundated with (often biased) information, products and services, AUSOUG is widely recognised as a key objective provider of opportunities to its members.

Membership in AUSOUG will ensure that you receive all mailings, meeting announcements and newsletters. Your membership will also connect you with the other active, interested users who share your interest in the continuous use and improvement of the Oracle products.

What can you expect as a member of  AUSOUG?

AUSOUG member benefits are programs and resources aimed to keep our members at the forefront of the Oracle industry. AUSOUG offers training, education, up-to-date news and announcements in the Oracle world.

Benefit Value
 Education and learning
 Reference Groups
  • Database and Application Server Administration
  • Development
  • Cloud
  • Functional Application Usage 
  • System and Storage Administration

 and more coming.

 National Conference Series
  • Exchange / share of ideas
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Upgrading of skills
  • Provide product and service info
  • Learn from Oracle experts
  • Substantial Registration Fee Discounts
  • Conference database of papers
 Foresight Magazine 
  • Provided with current technical and user information
  • Updates
  • Articles from peers and experts
  • Forum
  • Information resource
 Foresight Online
  • Complementary to Foresight Magazine
  • Provided with current technical and user information
  • Updates
  • Articles from peers and experts
  • Information resource
  • Event Calendar - contain full list of education and training
  • State Pages inc current meetings and education
  • Other Community access
  • Knowledge Centre - papers; articles etc
  • Update membership and status
  • Foresight Magazine
  • Blogs
 Reciprocal Rights*
  • Regular National eBulletins containing information from a national perspective
  • Monthly State eBulletins from a State perspective
  • Meeting announcements
  • Monthly State meetings
  • National meetings and conferences
  • Raise your organisation's profile
  • State Committees
  • National Committees
  • Reference Groups
  • Volunteering
  • Voting Rights

* Conditions apply

We hope you will become an active member of AUSOUG which we believe will have a positive impact on Oracle's products, their quality and their support.