Welcome to APOUG

APOUG is a membership organisation and part of the AUSOUG (Australian Oracle User Group) network along with the international Oracle community comprising AUSOUG, OAUG and UKOUG.  Membership of APOUG is being offered to Oracle users in the Asia region.

Full details about APOUG, membership, and current and upcoming events can be viewed at http://www.apoug.org/



Both AUSOUG (Australia Oracle User Group) and OAUG (Oracle Applications User Group) are professional, volunteer-run organizations that provide an independent, unbiased exchange of information and innovation to the industry. For the first time, these highly regarded groups are joining together to bring Oracle end users in this Region, independent and unbiased information.  We will focus on improving productivity within the Oracle environment and will demonstrate this through learning and networking events that will illustrate how to get the most out of Oracle products and services.

AUSOUG and OAUG thank our Founding Partners Excel4apps and More4Apps for their ongoing support.



Along with the OAUG, AUSOUG was supported by these Founding Partners:

  • Excel4Apps
  • More4Apps