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Oracle Corporation's evolution has created a community of users, professionals, partners, collaborators and competitors.

AUSOUG supports these communities through an independent forum focused on the sharing of knowledge, experience and opinion.

Today this member community is globally recognised as a professionally coordinated voice and contributor in the pursuit of practical implementation and management experience surrounding the adoption of Oracle's technologies.


 News and Updates

Connect 2017 Conferences

AUSOUG will hold two one-day conferences in November, in Melbourne on Monday 27th and in Perth on Wednesday 29th. Full details can be found at: Connect 2017


Connect Call For Papers.


AUSOUG's 2017 Connect conference series is scheduled for late November this year, with International and local presenter filling these one day events with training, Cloud and Hybrid implementation showcases, practical working examples and new features in a truely unbiased program.  Oracle's Technology Network support will see Oracle ACE and ACE Directors highlight new and emerging opportunities to significantly simplify project support with development and test environments provisioned in minutes.


If you have a story to tell, experience in the use of AWS, Oracle Cloud or Azure, please submit a brief presentation proposal and share your real world knowledge.

Presentation proposals can be submitted on line with full details of requirements for paper submissions at, Connect 2017



AUSOUG announces APEX Training Program for 2017.


August 24, 2017.  Unlocking the Power of the APEX Plugin Architecture (APEX Series)

September 6, 2017. APEX Security (APEX Series)

More to follow.....