Paper Title and Abstract

Apex and Row-Level Security

Stream: DEV

Oracle Application Express and Oracle Row-Level Security (RLS) (aka Virtual Private Database) work very well together. Using RLS you can have one database serve different groups of users while virtually guaranteeing that no-one will be able to view or update data they aren't supposed to. That was the sales pitch. This presentation will be a case study on one small Apex application with complex security requirements. The author started with a complex solution using views which performed poorly and didn't satisfy all the user's requirements. When he switched to a solution using RLS, the application became significantly simpler and faster, and all user requirements were met.

Pre-requisites: Familiarity with SQL

Speaker Details

Jeffrey Kemp has been using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL since 2000, and has been publishing at since 2005. He is not a DBA but enjoys watching while they work so he can bask in their glory. He is passionate about the Oracle database, Oracle Apex, and Iced Coffee.