Paper Title and Abstract

Tackling Time troubles

Stream: DEV

Dealing with time related data can be more complicated than what one might expect at first thought. Leap years, time zones and daylight saving time switches can cause confusion and lead to runtime errors or poorly performing SQL code.  We will look at some major pitfalls that should be avoided and discusses best practices when dealing with time data.


Speaker Details

Bjoern is the co-founder of portrix Systems, a service provider and consulting company focused on Oracle Technology including Servers, Storage and Solaris to Real Application Cluster databases and Desktop Virtualization. He enjoys working with software developers to tightly integrate with existing Oracle features, is passionate about sharing knowledge and has enjoyed speaking at several conferences and user group meetings including OpenWorld, UKOUG, COLLABORATE and DOAG. He is an ACE Director and also serves as the President of the RAC special interest group.