Oracle IaaS – Automating the Oracle Cloud with Infrastructure as a Code, Orchestration & Terraform

Where: Free Webinar from AUSOUG - ( 28-MAR-2018 17:30 AEDT )
When: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 05:30pm - 06:30pm

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Presentation: Oracle IaaS – Automating the Oracle Cloud with Infrastructure as a Code, Orchestration & Terraform.

In this session we take a tour of the available methods and mechanisms for automating and orchestrating workloads on the Oracle cloud. This includes the concept of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), and how to orchestrate the Oracle cloud as code by using native and 3rdparty tooling and principles (includes demonstration). We will explore how these concepts and technologies relate to the DevOps movement and modern software development paradigms, CI/CD, Declarative vs Procedural technologies, & cloud Orchestration vs Configuration Management.

Cameron Senese is a customer centric and results driven professional. Accomplished in the translation of business requirements to technology strategies and architectural blueprints, the design and implementation of enterprise solutions, and the consistent delivery of value and high-quality outputs to clients. With 20 years of broad industry experience, Cameron has worked across industry sectors including government, mining, banking, finance, retail, media, and manufacturing – and as such brings a broad commercial perspective to customer engagements. Cameron has developed deep technical expertise across multiple technology domains, including Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Virtualisation, Identity & Directory Services, Unified Communications, Storage, Networking, Systems Management & Monitoring, Server Based Computing, and End-User Computing. Cameron holds a Master’s Degree in Networking and Systems Administration, in conjunction with numerous industry certifications across areas such as Cloud Computing, Security, Networking, and Infrastructure Technologies. Specialties Include:

  • Consulting (Pre & Post Sales)
  • Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Technology Strategy
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Complex Systems Integration
  • Enterprise and Integration Architecture
  • Performance Engineering & Architecture


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