QLD TADHack Global 2017

Where: QUT Gardens Point Campus J-Block, Level 2, Room J-212 and J-214, 2 George St, Brisbane
When: 23-24 September 2017
RSVP: By Thursday 21st September, using the buttons below or emailing
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Welcome to the upcoming event "TADHack Global 2017" occurring on Sept 23 to 24, 2017. We would like to invite you to participate in this fantastic event and to be part of its growing community.

Any AUSOUG member wishing to join an AUSOUG team in Brisbane please let me know:


Kevin Payne

QLD President 

TADHack Global is a global hackathon focused on programmable telecoms. Even though the birth of TADHack came from telecommunications industry and people communicating with other people, the application of telecommunications in the world nowadays is limitless when you consider AI, ML, ChatBots, Robots, IOT, Devices, Drones, Automation Systems and how we as people interact with these applications.

We also collaborate with many organizations such as Code for America, Founders and Coders, Geeks without Bounds so the hacks produced have a local community impact.

People involved in TADHack have included their pitches in their resumes and have jobs they attribute to their pitch which shows their innovative thinking, development skills and presentation skills. There are other benefits from taking part of TADHack Global including:

  • FREE training in programmable telecoms (yes it is FREE to attend and participate)
  • global exposure where each hack is recorded and presented global
  • access to many innovative companies in the telecoms industry
  • be in the running for a local or global prize from the sponsors (the last couple of years we've had team entries winning global prizes - so it is possible) - there is over $45k in the global prize pool

Last year we had 3,000 registrations resulting in 208 impressive hacks being created. Carrefour was one of our Global sponsors and they received 24 impressive hacks from around the world - It’s not just telecom focused sponsors, others realise the importance of programmable telecoms to their business.

You can also see what we achieved at TADHack-mini Orlando this year, just before Enterprise Connect - And this weblog provides a more general explanation of TADHack and its benefits - We have recorded and published past pitches from different events on the TADHack YouTube channel -

Here is the TADHack global website - and there are TADHack locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. We will have live streaming of the events from 30+ locations across the world. We have also planned some interesting people and startups to interview as well (also available on the live stream).

To register as an individual or as a team, go to the TADHack web-site, select on your location and then enter your details. Register now to save your spot.

This is an open and FREE event. So, anyone can register and participate. Forward this email onto others. And you don't need to be a developer (popular myth with hackathons). There's the opportunity at the event to join others to form teams. The best teams are ones that have the mix of sales, devs and designs (Hustlers, Hackers and Hipsters).

I hope to see a large contingent from Australia and New Zealand leading the way at TADHack this year and to show the world what we can do.

Thanks and looking forward to see your registration.





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