Exploring the details of APEX sessions (APEX Series)

Where: Free Webinar from AUSOUG
When: Thursday, August 03, 2017 07:00pm - 08:00pm
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Presentation: Exploring the details of APEX sessions (APEX Series)

A 'session' is one of the main features of APEX - it establishes stateful behaviour across pages for each user. Usually, we take a session for granted, but knowing how sessions work in detail can be of great use when debugging errors. How does APEX secure and validate a session and its items? We will see what happens between creation and destruction of a session and how you can interact with it. There are some important differences when assigning a value to an item via Automatic Row Fetch, Computation, Source or Default value. We all struggle with these things from time to time. And what happens exactly when you submit a page, for page processing?
Ever heard about a 32k limitation in APEX? We’ll go into detail to clear out the exact problem and how to deal with CLOBs.

APEX 5.0 and APEX 5.1 have introduced additional features like asynchronous page submits, rejoin session and session cloning. We’ll take a look at how these things work and what the possible consequences are for our applications. This presentation will be of value for both beginners and experienced APEX developers.

Menno Hoogendijk has always had a passion for databases and developing applications. He has been working with Application Express since 2008. Menno has been a certified full-time APEX developer for five years. He has presented at APEX World and Kscope16 - sharing his knowledge with other people excites him. Over the past years, he has gained a lot of experience using JavaScript in APEX.

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