APEX Security (APEX Series)

Where: Free Webinar from AUSOUG - ( 06-SEP-2017 19:00 AEST )
When: Wednesday, September 06, 2017 07:00pm - 08:00pm

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Presentation 1: APEX Security (APEX Series)

APEX security is a multi-role topic. An APEX administrator is responsible (hopefully communicating that with developers) for various instance security settings, and enabling and disabling APEX features. APEX developers are responsible for building secure applications, and this means far more than just setting up authorisation and authentication. Regardless of the security settings, if a developer is not aware of what security is, the application will not be secure. In this presentation we will focus on three areas that every APEX developer should know and understand - Session State Protection / Page Access Protection, SQL Injections and Cross Site Scripting.

Aljaz Mali is an employee of Abakus Plus, d.o.o, where he works as an IT Solution Architect. He has been working with Oracle Application Express since its very beginning (HtmlDB 1.5). His main focuses are application development as well as consulting and education regarding Oracle Application Express. In 2015 he became a member of SIOUG's executive committee and since 2017 he has been a vice-president of SIOUG. In 2016 he was selected as a member of the month (March) at portal. He is a frequent speaker at local Oracle conferences (SIOUG, HrOUG, SrOUG).

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