This Is How We Do It? (APEX Series)

Where: Free Webinar from AUSOUG
When: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 08:00pm - 09:00pm
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Presentation 1: This Is How We Do It? (APEX Series)

Different kinds of APEX projects lead to different implementation techniques. Let us classify the project types we had in the past and how we dealt with them, not only from an implementation standpoint but also in how we interacted with our customer.

Niels de Bruijn is well known in Oracle APEX circles as an Oracle Ace Director. He works for MT AG, a mid-size vendor-independent IT-consultancy company based in Germany. He is responsible for a group of APEX experts and is mainly involved in the acquirement process of all kinds of APEX projects. Niels shares his extensive knowledge through the website apex.mt-ag.com and by speaking at events such as DOAG Conference (Germany) and ODTUG Kscope.

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