QLD Round table event: "What's happening with our data and who is going to maintain it?"

Where: ORACLE Brisbane Australia | Level 16, 340 Adelaide St | Brisbane, QLD, 4000.
When: Wednesday, April 05, 2017 12:00pm - 02:00pm
RSVP: By Monday 3rd April , using the buttons below or emailing president.qld@ausoug.org.au.
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Database Administration (DBA) is very important role. Most of the mission critical applications rely on DBAs to watch over the infrastructure and keep them ticking. However, the industry is redefining what it is to be a DBA especially where data is being stored, consumed and analysed in all sorts of different ways which includes Cloud and BigData.

So as the landscape changes with the ever increasingly diverse systems, frameworks and architectures, the core capability of the DBA is still relevant to the business to look after the information. In fact, with the right attitude, a DBA can be someone that is a game-changer to the organisation. At the upcoming AUSOUG event, we look at the industry of data and information management and seeing how the core capabilities of the DBA can continue being an asset to any organisation.

The event is a roundtable event - open for discussion and led by Damien Cassin who has worked in the information space with experience in GIS and data & information management.

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