VIC What do I need to know about APEX? (APEX RnD Part 1)

Where: Free Webinar from AUSOUG
When: Thursday, April 20, 2017 06:00pm - 07:00pm
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Presentation 1: What do I need to know about APEX?

Regardless if you are new to APEX or have some experience, this session will give you insight and prepare you for upcoming challenges. What is on, where to find it, how to organize your work and what not to do; are some of things we will touch on in this series of webinars. The better your basics are, the sooner you will unleash full potential of APEX as a rapid development tool. Session will close with a Q&A to answer any of your questions.

Lino Schilde has over 10 years experience developing with Oracle tools, starting his ventures with APEX 3.1 version and never looking back. In early 2015 he became a freelance APEX specialist. He worked in US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia for clients in all sectors. Working along side APEX RnD CEO Dimitri Gielis, very well known and respected in the APEX Community ACE Director, is Lino's biggest motivation. Lino is an active contributor to APEX community as APEX blogger and trainer.


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