AUSOUG WA Branch Breakfast Meeting - Jeffrey Kemp presenting

Where: Oracle office, 66 Kings Park Rd, West Perth WA 6005
When: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 07:30am - 09:00am
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Oracle Office
 66 Kings Park Rd
West Perth WA 6005

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9:00 am  Finish

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Jeffrey Kemp will run a short PL/SQL skills quiz, separate to his main presentation.

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Presentation: PL/SQL Function Result Cache

deep-ish dive into the PL/SQL Function Result Cache feature of 11g


* Describe the Function Result Cache feature of Oracle 11g
* Examples, real-world scenarios
* Pros and Cons - when to use it, traps to watch out for
* Problem diagnosis and debugging


There are two types of Oracle programmer: the "maintainability-at-all-costs" clean coder and the "performance-at-all-costs" optimiser. The first type modularises, encapsulates and deodorises their logic in procedures and functions; the second type avoids PL/SQL functions, preferring to write SQL that is lean and mean - even if it means repeating logic in multiple places.
There are a few strategies you can use to reduce this impedance mismatch (the fact that we'd rather hide the implementation details behind functions, rather than expose them in the queries); in Oracle 11g, we have a new and potentially much better one - the PL/SQL Function Result Cache.
The Function Result Cache is a cross-session cache of the return value of a function. This cache means that a function that is called many times in a short period of time with the same input parameters, the number of times the function's code is executed will be greatly reduced.
This presentation will show how the Function Result Cache works and how to apply it with a number of examples of real-world scenarios. We'll consider some pros and cons to using it, some traps to watch out for, and give some tips for problem diagnosis and debugging. 


About The Presenter

Jeffrey Kemp has been using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL since 2000, and has been publishing at jeffkemponoracle.com since 2005. He is not a DBA but enjoys watching while they work so he can bask in their glory. He is passionate about the Oracle database, Oracle Apex, and Iced Coffee.


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