QLD Wanna go mobile? Learn how to develop iPhone and Android apps with Oracle's mobile solutions.

Where: Brisbane - Venue TBA
When: Monday, April 29, 2013 09:00am - 05:00pm

Stuck programming boring enterprise systems? Like to try your hand at programming something for your iPhone, iPad or Android device?

AUSOUG in conjunction with Oracle will be running a day's workshop where you'll get the chance to develop mobile applications using JDeveloper and ADF Mobile. Finally, a reason to expense an iPhone at your organization's expense! 

Learn how to create on-device mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android.

This workshop will explain the unique challenges and common use cases of mobile applications and then dive into possible mobile architectures. The workshop will walk you through developing mobile applications that install and run on the device and are able to leverage device-specific features - all with the new Oracle ADF Mobile solution. No previous knowledge of Oracle ADF is needed!

This workshop is a bring-your-own-laptop event - you show up with your laptop configured according to the instructions, and the workshop will provide you with expert knowledge on building a mobile application, laying out compelling mobile user interfaces, constructing task flows that facilitate navigation, accessing data sources and remote services, and interacting with device features such as SMS and the camera. Finally, you’ll deploy the application to an emulator and see first-hand how you can use ADF Mobile to develop applications declaratively and deploy to multiple devices, without writing device-specific code!

Participants will use JDeveloper to create an ADF Mobile Application, and deploy and test the application on an Apple or Android mobile device simulator.

Workshop Agenda

The event will be a combination of presentations from Oracle ADF product management and an instructor-led hands-on lab for you to learn via getting your hands dirty. The agenda for the day will be:

Morning - presentations

  • ADF Mobile Overview
  • Creating the UI and Java Bean data services
  • Using web services and local database
  • Using the device services (e.g. camera) and deploying your application
  • Security and debugging (if time permits)

Afternoon - hands on

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Creating a basic ADF mobile application
  • Consuming a web service in an ADF mobile application
  • Integrating with the device features


A fee of $95.00 (inc GST) for members.

$350.00 (inc GST) for non members - this includes optional 12 months individual membership of AUSOUG (if you agree). Consider becoming a member and receive reduced registration fees.

To book your seat at this Masterclass click on Register Now and then please ensure to read the instructions. You must configure your machine BEFORE you arrive at the workshop.

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